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MetalMin & Co (UK) Ltd

MetalMin supplies quality ferroalloy products to the steel and foundry industry

MetalMin & Co, professional and reliable


Renowned for being flexible, professional and reliable, MetalMin is an established player in the international raw material markets and has been so for over thirty years.

Stocks are held in strategically placed warehouses to best service our markets and our head office is based within 5 minutes of London Stansted airport.

MetalMin & Co, professional and reliable


We supply silicon, chromium and manganese alloys to the steel industry, silicon metal to the secondary aluminium industry and coke and carbon products, including metallurgical coke, to the foundry industry.

We also supply micro silica, calcium silicon, magnesium ferro silicon and selected reclaimed products. Our Quality Assurance systems are maintained under Lloyds, and are approved to ISO900:2008 standards – as, crucially, are those of our suppliers.

MetalMin & Co, professional and reliable


Since MetalMin was established in 1978, our philosophy of being ‘Proactive for the Customer’ is why we have not only survived, but why we have expanded our boundaries across Europe and the Middle East.

MetalMin has unique shipping arrangements that enable us to provide smaller baskets of raw materials cost effectively and particularly as mixed cargo shipments.

MetalMin’s alloy, silicon, carbon, micro silica and reclaimed products.

MetalMin Products

Our Products

MetalMin’s products connect the largest suppliers to the largest customers in the world – and come with professionalism guaranteed.

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MetalMin Alloys


MetalMin’s unique shipping arrangements means it can provide cost-effective, smaller baskets of raw materials.

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MetalMin Micro Silica

Micro Silica

We supply micro silica (also known as silica fume) products to the cement/concrete, construction and refractory industries.

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MetalMin Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal

Silicon metal is principally used for alloying aluminium, increasing the hardness and strength and improving the metal’s properties.

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MetalMin Carbon Products

Carbon Products

Metallurgical coke is used as a fuel and as a reducing agent in smelting iron. The product is overly rich in dissolved carbon, and must be treated further to make steel.

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MetalMin Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed Products

We are often asked by our customers to assist with the recycling of by-products produced from their own production process.

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