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About MetalMin

Flexible, professional, reliable: MetalMin supplies quality ferroalloy products to the steel and foundry industry.

The steel and foundry industry places great demands on suppliers. They need to be dependable, reliable, professional. They need to be experts in logistics, warehousing, finance and applications. And they need to have global reach to ensure that raw materials can reach the markets in the right place at the right time.

At MetalMin we believe in being ‘Proactive for the Customer’. This means we address all of these challenges as soon as, or even before, they emerge. We make sure we deliver the best for our customers.

These are all reasons MetalMin continues to thrive. We were established in 1978 to supply chromium and silicon alloys to the steel and foundry sector within the UK, and now our marketing base extends throughout Europe and the Far East. Throughout its history the company has remained in private ownership so you know you’re dealing with the people who make the decisions.