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MetalMin has been a leading supplier of raw materials to the steel foundry and aluminium industries for over thirty years

  • 1855 Henry Bessemer invented the first process for mass production of steel.
  • 1916 Henry Brearly invented stainless steel.
  • 1960 the first electric arc furnace was introduced.
  • 1978 MetalMin was established.

The company was started specifically to supply ferrosilicon and chromium alloys from Sweden to the UK and Spanish market.

From the beginning our philosophy was to be ‘Proactive for the Customer’ by developing cost-effective products with close relationships to reliable manufacturers.

That philosophy continues today. It’s why we are still in business and have been able to expand our boundaries out across Europe and the Middle East.

Today, we count in our portfolio some of the largest suppliers of raw materials in the world, such as Ferro Atlantica SA – the largest manufacturers of silicon metal in the world – and RVG Gmbh, one of the top global companies in energy products.

Simply put, we provide the seamless link from customer to manufacturer.

MetalMin - Ferroalloy Suppliers in the UK