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MetalMin’s alloy, silicon, carbon, micro silica and reclaimed products

MetalMin’s products connect the largest suppliers to the largest customers in the world – and come with professionalism guaranteed

MetalMin acts as agents for Ferro Atlantica – the largest manufacture of silicon metal in the world – and RVG GmbH, one of the top global companies in energy products. Simply put, we provide the seamless link from customer to manufacturer

We supply Ferro Atlantica production of manganese alloys, silicon alloys, silicon metal and micro silica, and on RVG GmbH’s behalf we supply metallurgical coke and carbon products to the UK.

We can do this because our plants are strategically located in Spain, France, Venezuela South Africa, Poland and now China.

Throughout our operations we are committed to our founding philosophy of being ‘Proactive for the customer’. This means we have the flexibility to put packages together that suit customers’ needs, from top global consumers down to family-run enterprises. It also means our network is expanding, with new developments currently under way.

Find out more about what we supply and how we supply it:

  • Alloys – we supply silicon alloys, chromium alloys and manganese alloys. Our flexibility means that you simply state your requirements, and we process material according to those specific needs. So we can scale up, or scale down – or around whatever you need.
  • Silicon Metal – we supply silicon metal, silica fume and calcium silicon. We count in our portfolio some of the largest suppliers and customers of raw steel materials in the world, which means you can count on us to deliver raw materials where, and when, you need them.
  • Carbon – we supply coke and metallurgical coke. Throughout our supply chain we ensure proof of quality and reliability through ISO900:2008 standards.
  • Micro silica / silica fume – we supply a full range of fumed silica products designed for the high-performance concrete and refractory industries.
  • Reclaimed. When we started in 1978 we set out with a philosophy that we were going to be ‘Proactive for the Customer’. Today this means we can supply quality reclaimed products to some of the largest suppliers and customers of raw steel materials in the world.