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MetalMin’s Micro Silica

We are MetalMin. We supply micro silica (also known as silica fume) products to the cement/concrete, construction and refractory industries.

Micro Silica is collected from the furnace filters in the production of silicon metal. One of the most common uses for silica fume is in concrete, which makes it extremely strong and durable.

We can deliver materials in woven polypropylene bulk bags direct from the factories in France and Spain, or via container shipments from South Africa.

We are the exclusive UK distributor of FerroAtlantica’s micro silica range, which includes:

Microfume White

Microfume White has a high SiO₂ content and very low impurity levels. Its use in refractory castables and High/Very High Performance Concrete improve their mechanical properties and their durability.

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Microfume Concrete

Microfume Concrete is widely used in concrete and fibre cement industries. In addition to its pozzolanic properties, Microfume Concrete is also a very good filler due to its particle size.

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Microfume Hydraulic

Microfume Hydraulic is different due to its high CaO content, used in fast setting concrete. Concretes with Microfume Hydraulic have higher strength than the average at an early age (24h and 48h) and need less superplasticizer addition in the mix design.

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Microfume Slurry

We recommend using Microfume Slurry in fibre cements and High Performance Concrete where its fineness and purity is beneficial.

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Microfume Refractories

Microfume Refractories has a stable pH and a low impurity level and is perfectly adapted to the requirements of refractory castables. Its use improves the flow, the mechanical properties (especially hot strength), and durability (via permeability reduction).

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Microfume Refractories White

Microfume® Refractories White has a high SiO₂ content, a very low impurity level and a stable pH. Its light colour, its stability (non-crystalline state) to temperatures of 1200°C and its good sintering properties make it also a raw material perfectly adapted for ceramics.

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DID YOU KNOW: 1984 saw the first use of silica fume specified for a commercial building in the US, for Nashville’s 28-story Third National Bank and Finance Centre.